FWELF 2024: The Power of Collaboration

In 2015, former Chair of the Florida Public Service Commission, Lila A. Jaber launched the Florida’s Women in Energy Leadership Forum, to celebrate the success women leaders in the energy industry have demonstrated in growing Florida’s economy and diversifying the workforce. Now an annual event, this Forum celebrates these women and their companies, and further highlights the positive impact from Florida’s electric and natural gas industries to employment and economic development. We hope you will join us in this dialogue and, more importantly, we hope that you will be there to inform, inspire, and motivate others to work in these rewarding opportunities created by the energy sector.

We are proud to announce this year’s Forum, themed The Power of Collaboration,  will be held on October 21-23 at the JW Marriott, Tampa Waterstreet. Join us for a three-day event that will include c-suite level keynote speakers and panelists discussing the industry’s commitment to infrastructure investment, employees, and customers. Working with you, we are committed to using Florida’s Women in Energy Leadership Forum to inform, inspire, and motivate.